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15 Minute Manifestation

15 Minute Manifestation is about making a positive impact to the lives of people.
The 15 Minute Manifestation is a miracle program, devised to end all the worries and problems you struggle with inside your head every day. The program also combats negative thoughts, such as self-doubt, and replaces it with a series of positive energies which provide a sense of fulfillment [...]
Price: $49


Power quadrant system

Discover your true abilities using this secret ancient code and enjoy a 2nd life.
Discover Your True Abilities Using This Secret Ancient Code And Enjoy A Second Chance At Life...WITHOUT Leaving Home. Best of All, The Secret of Your True Calling Is Encoded In Your DNA And The Key Unlocking It Is No Further Than Your Calendar
Price: $7


60 second wealth and success quiz

Discover exactly what is holding you back from living a life of wealth, joy and success.
Are you programmed for wealth, happiness and success? Click Here to take the 60 second Quiz (Are you programmed for wealth?) Once you fill in the quiz above, you'll discover exactly what is holding you back from living a life of wealth, joy and success (and what to do about it)
Price: $47


Reiki Healing Association

Join Now with Like Minded Professional Reiki Practitioners and Masters
Join the Reiki Healing Association, the Fastest Growing Global Community of Like Minded Professional Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters
Price: $97


7 Minute Mindfulness

How To Quickly Activate Your Body's Natural Relaxation Response.
How To Quickly Activate Your Body's Natural Relaxation Response. Stress Less, Sleep Better, and Feel Abundantly Happier...Without Drugs or Anything Crazy
Price: $17


Laws of attraction

The secret of deliberate creation and more.A technique that unlocks the laws of attraction.
The Secret of Deliberate Creation you can deliberately create a successful business, more sales, a beautiful home, education for your children, fulfilling relationships and anything else you desire.However, Deliberate Creation is not something that you can just accept intellectually.
Price: $97


Claim Your FREE Body Boost Crystals

Order now and use it to UNBLOCK your inner energy and REGAIN control of your life.
This Is A Super High Quality Funnel Which Focuses On Helping People Unblock Their Spiritual Chakras And Begin Living A Magical Life
Price: $0


Reiki Master Program

Become a Reiki Master and Learn to Heal Yourself and Others with Reiki Now
With around 300 pages of text and full colour images covering all three levels of reiki within 49 individual reiki lessons our Reiki Master Teacher home study course is ideal for both the complete novice who is new to reiki, as well as the more experienced Reiki Practitioner and/or Reiki Masters.
Price: $97


The Celestial Inspiration Guidebook

Discover The Angelic Wisdom, Guidance And Power Of The Archangels.
This Book Is A Direct Call Of Reminder To You To Listen To The Signs Of Your Guardian Angel And Access Your Higher Self. This Book Will Take You On A Spiritual Journey That Will Positively Alter Your Understanding Of Yourself And Life.
Price: $19.95


Get Your Amethyst Chakra Bracelet

Made from Gemstones,Crystals and Amethyst. Revitalize your Chakras today
It Is Stylish Chakra Bracelet Which Is Created From Gemstones Plus Healing Package. Designed to support the balance and revitalize your energy. No effort is required Use the leverage of healing stone 24/7 Revitalize your Chakras today
Price: $10.95

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