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South african history

Learn about the history of the country and the different cultural groups of our Nation.
Use this series of nine South African History file folder projects and lapbooks to learn about the people of South Africa.
Price: $75


Relativity 4 Engineers.

E-book On Relativity And Cosmology, Written For Engineers By An Engineer.
The eBook Relativity 4 Engineers, written for engineers by an engineer. Buy the eBook Relativity 4 Engineers eBook for just 4c per page, each packed with interesting engineering views on relativity and cosmology
Price: $9.95


Speeches for Principals

Lost for words? Our book of speeches will solve your problem
The speeches have been compiled and presented in such a way that guarantees to considerably reduce the preparation time necessary for a good speech. It not only has a myriad of great speeches that are specific to wide range of educational contexts, but it is jam-packed with great stories and examples.
Price: $57


Get Secret Study Skills

With this, you'll learn strategies you can use to score higher than 90 in any subject easily.
Ultimate Study Secrets will teach you how to focus your mind while preparing for exams, how to grasp large volumes of information, how to clear your mind and focus while anwering questions and more. You'll also get tools on advanced memory techniques, time management, self-confidence and others.
Price: $27


Make Money By Teaching

You too can earn over $50 an hour teaching students part time or full time
It's easy to teach. It's easy to show someone else how to do something. It's easy compared to making a lot of money doing it. The hard part, the almost impossible part, is making $25,000 to $50,000 a year teaching your skill. This is what this Web site is all about. How to make money
Price: $9.95


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